Customised Stationery in East Perth

The use of customised stationery in East Perth , Western Australia has been prolific over the years and while the types of industries that operate within the suburb have changed, demand for office stationery has continued to grow. During the past century the suburb, set on the banks of the Swan River, has been home to everything from a power station and gas works to railway yards, all of which have since closed down. Today, the emphasis is more on small commercial offices, retail and tourism. Ensuring printing needs across the community are catered for in a professional and efficient manner is a major focus here at Minuteman Press.

Customised stationery in East Perth has become an important marketing tool used to keep in contact with customers and to boost individual company profiles over the long term. Pre-printed letterheads, envelopes and invoices not only save time for office staff but also provide a vehicle for ongoing promotions on a daily basis. This has become extremely important in a suburb dominated by commercial buildings and host to the State’s main intrastate and interstate train service depot. The majority of commercial enterprises outsource the creation of customised stationery to print shops to ensure a professional finish every time.

At Minuteman Press, our experienced staff members can assist with all aspects of creating an eye-catching and effective design for everything from brochures to customised stationery in East Perth. Enquire or make a booking today.