Print Companies in Perth

Settled on the edge of the Indian Ocean, Perth, West Australia's capital city, is separated by desert – the great Nullarbor Plain – from the rest of the country. Some say that Perth is the most remote city on Earth… after all, South Australia's capital Adelaide is 2,104 km from Perth!

Perth's CBD and suburbs sit on the banks of the Swan River, and Perth is warm – at extended times downright hot – and dry for much of the year.

Kwinana, Welshpool and Kewdale are industrial estates that grew up in the postwar period south of the river.

Perth's prosperity rests largely on WA's enormous mineral resources – the city is the main service centre for these industries as they produce gold, iron ore, nickel, alumina, mineral sands, coal, oil and natural gas for local and international markets. The mining boom has given rise recently to several commercial and residential building projects in the CBD area. These prosperous times show no signs of abating, and print companies do well in this market.

The Perth metropolitan area also provides employment in wholesale trade, business, health, education and community services. Perth is home to four public universities, and one private university. It also boasts a significant cultural precinct at its centre, and, of course, the Perth International Arts Festival is an annual event,

Tourism is important to Perth, too, which, as the capital city in this far-flung State, is the first port of call for visitors headed for spectacular destination both north and south of the capital.

In this active and vibrant environment, the suppliers of printing services do well in a variety or areas, from postcards and brochures to the steady stream of tourists, to business cards, stationery, catalogues and digital printing for Perth burgeoning, education, cultural, business and mining-based sectors.

Perth Printing Services Include:

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