Direct Mail Printing in Welshpool

The suburb of Welshpool within the City of Canning has a long industrial history. Welshpool was originally named by the Railway Department in 1898 and the suburb started to become industrialised during the 1920s. WWII saw the establishment of factories to support the war effort. After the war, the government provided incentives to further industrialise the area. Welshpool is now home to a long list of industries- manufacturing, transport, postal, warehousing, construction, wholesale trade and retail trade. The manufacturing sector covers machinery and transport equipment as well as textiles, leather, wood and metal products. In addition, the City of Canning’s Business Mentoring Program provides support for both existing local Canning business owners and start-ups. This wide range of industrial sectors and business activities creates a high demand for direct mail printing in Welshpool . Direct mail printing is one of the many high-quality services we offer here at Minuteman Press.

Direct mail printing complements an online presence and targets the local community. A print shop in the area will have intimate knowledge of the local business environment and marketing conditions, and can provide face-to-face consultations on the most effective approach for a direct mailing campaign. Whether it is a targeted personalised campaign or a more generalised marketing campaign, our state of the art equipment and highly trained staff ensure quality and timely results every time.

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