Woolloongabba a big hitter in parking clampdown

January 12, 2018 by  

A crackdown on parking infringements has resulted in a 40% increase in tickets issued to Brisbane drivers.

During the 2016/2017 financial year, around 278,000 parking infringements were issued. This resulted in the council raking in over $30m, which is around a $7.5m increase compared to the previous financial year.

Drivers in the inner southern part of Woolloongabba received a whopping 12,228 parking infringements, making the area one of the most responsible suburbs. Other inner Brisbane suburbs with similar problems were identified as West End and Newstead.

In 2017, over 2,200 Brisbane drivers received fines for having parked within school zones. This infringement approach seemed to be effective, as there was an apparent reduction in the occurrence of illegal parking over each school term in 2017.

According to Matthew Bourke, Chairman of Brisbane Lifestyle and Community Services, the crackdown on parking infringements at schools is set to continue in 2018. To increase safety around schools, the council will significantly increase the number of patrolling officers responsible for giving out parking fines during school hours.

Many attempts to protect children from the danger of moving vehicles have been carried out at schools, such as poster printing and display in eye-catching locations to remind drivers to be careful when driving and parking within school zones. However, sometimes it takes infringements for some drivers to take the issue seriously.