Woolloongabba developments to improve cyclist safety

September 17, 2017 by  

A $11m separated bikeway is to be constructed in Woolloongabba.

The projects is said to remove 30 inner-city car parks and may even shut down access to the South-East Freeway.

According to a Transport and Main Roads spokeswoman, the department is working together with the council to evaluate the effects of the altered traffic arrangements involved in the project.

Between 2010 to 2016, 31 serious accidents have occurred along the route between Annerley Road and Stanley Street. Traffic surveys indicated that 660 – 720 cyclists used Annerley Road per day in 2016. These numbers are expected to rise upon completion of the project, with safer cyclist lanes in place.

The new bikeway project will add separate bike lanes to the main road, and build additional floating bus stops. Construction is expected to begin in 2018 and to be completed by 2020. Some inconvenience is expected to be inflicted upon locals and businesses, but the community response towards the project has been mainly positive.

Ongoing efforts to increase safety on Australian roads are rolled out frequently and stringent regulations are in place to control road users’ behaviour. Additional attempts to promote road safety, such as flyer printing and display at eye-catching locations, are often used as a milder educational method.

Although people are encouraged to ride bikes instead of driving, cyclists are known to be particularly vulnerable on the road. Specific lanes for them, it is hoped, will serve as an effective way for improving their safety while making the driving experience for motorists more pleasant.