Woolloongabba joins in late night dining scene

December 10, 2017 by  

Although it used to be more difficult to find suitable places for late night dining in southeast Queensland, the trend of having meals after 9:00 pm is now becoming increasingly popular in the area. This is due to new late night dining hotspots in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane.

Detour restaurant in Woolloongabba is now offering dining options until 1100 pm. According to Damon Amos, chef-owner of Detour, he wishes to provide more dining options to customers by extending their opening hours.

Furthermore, the Convent Garden in Brisbane’s West End serves food up to 12:30 am. Tapas and pintxos are available at the restaurant, which are popular choices among the 25-45-year old crowd. According to Cuba Krzyzanowski, the general manager of Convent Garden, more and more businesses are noticing the market for providing late night dining and entertainment. He added that there are many customers who enjoy dining out late at night but do not wish to visit night clubs or pubs, so restaurants with extended opening hours would serve these customers well.

Peckish night owls might want to pay a visit to one of these restaurants for a late-night dining session. If they enjoy the experience, they may wish to grab a selection of business cards from the counter to share the experience with their fellow midnight feasting friends.