WordCamp Melbourne kicks off this month

April 14, 2013 by  

Entrepreneurs, content creators and website developers are looking forward to honing their skills at the upcoming WordCamp Melbourne.

The event is ideal for those wanting to increase their reach through blogging, open source, and WordPress. Seminars will be presented by experts in their respective fields, covering the full spectrum from WordPress 101 to completion of a web design project.

Some of the conference highlights include online marketing consultant Troy Dean educating developers on strategies to add value and increase fees; Michael McKinnon, a security and hacking expert, investigating security vulnerabilities; specialist web writer Vikki Maver exploring content creation for effective and persuasive communication; and Joe Ortenzi will educate participants on the application of accessibility principles for designers, including the methods of keeping content accessible.

WordPress continues to rise in popularity as an open source system. As of late 2011, it was used as the content management system for more than 20 per cent of new websites worldwide. A key feature is the ability for users to maximise web development with a plugin architecture which allows scope for adaptation of the core installation.

WordCamp Melbourne will be convening at the famous Storey Hall, located within RMIT University. The historic building is registered with the Heritage Council and National Trust; a fitting venue for a communications platform rapidly solidifying its own place in history.

WordCamp participants are encouraged to compile hard copies of their learning resources on materials produced by Melbourne printing services. Registration for the event is at 8:00am on Saturday 27th April at the Storey Hall, with a very reasonable admission fee of $50.