Workshop to be held in Fortitude Valley

March 22, 2018 by  

A workshop on a database is to be hosted in the Fortitude Valley towards the end of March.

The event is connected to work that has been supported by Brisbane City Council (BCC). Crime Stoppers has also lent its backing to the initiative in question.

Retail outlets in Fortitude Valley and the central zone of Brisbane will be participating in the innovative scheme, and poster printing can be used to create a buzz at workshops of different types.

The National Retail Association (NRA) has provided impetus to the formation of a database for urban safety. The effectiveness of the technology will be tested over the period of a year.

Trevor O’Hara, the chief executive at Crime Stoppers, told the Canberra Times:

“No single operator has the capacity to tackle retail crime alone, however with the NRA SafeCity Network, retailers can access a bank of new information on crimes that may have gone unreported otherwise, to better connect the dots, tackle problem perpetrators, and share that information with each other and local law enforcement.”

The trial will not cost participants any revenue, and the hope is that cooperation between businesses will be enhanced in the future.

The use of software should facilitate the sharing of images and data, and retailers will be permitted to retain their anonymity when they enter the system.

The workshop is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 27.