WSU campus adds to Liverpool’s growing education precinct

August 22, 2017 by  

The construction of the new campus of Western Sydney University (WSU) in Liverpool is highlighting the area’s significance as a hub of innovation and education, according to Mayor Wendy Waller.

Mayor Waller said the campus would complete the education and health precinct that is emerging and already includes the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research, one of Australia’s leading trauma hospitals and three major universities.

Work at the building site has been accelerated in an effort to have the University campus ready for students by early next year.

WSU Vice Chancellor Professor Barney Glover said the University is pleased to be able to strengthen its commitment to Liverpool with the new campus, which will be promoted by a wide range of marketing services, adding:

“We are almost doubling the already substantial number of nursing and midwifery students we currently bring into the city, plus adding key specialisations. These will include policing, social work, criminology, social science, anthropology and critical research alignments in robotics, automation and business engagement.”

Mayor Waller said Liverpool is fast becoming a walkable and collaborative University City where local residents benefit greatly by having the facilities at their doorstep. He said:

“The city of Liverpool is emerging as a place where a child born today can undertake primary, secondary and tertiary study and begin an exciting career – all in their local area.”

The city now comprises Western Sydney University, Liverpool TAFE, University of NSW and the University of Wollongong.